Age is Not a Barrier to Learning

Age is Not a Barrier to Learning

Right before we aid or oppose any of the viewpoints no matter if or not age is a barrier to mastering, I want us to critically contemplate and analyze with all intent the indicating of the three noun terms that created up the sentence – Age, Barrier and Mastering.

The to start with amongst the words and phrases is Age. Age has to do with period, epoch, mature, improve aged or grow to be old. As a male, we should not neglect that escalating old or maturation is attached with a large amount of duties.

Now permit us take into account barrier. Barrier is synonymous with fence, blockade, obstruction, obstacle, hurdle and difficulty. Take note that of all these synonyms, there is none of the terms that can completely place a end to a determined brain. With perseverance, they are seen by winners as issues and not the conclusion of a highway. I belong to the class of people today that sees all those phrases as problems but not a last stop. In actuality the only closing conclusion that I acknowledged is dying. And any physique that stops leaning whether or not loss of life or alive is dying in as significantly as I am issue.

Learning on the other hand means schooling or acquisition of awareness. If you concur with me that leaning is synonymous with education and can some instances be made use of interchangeably with no penalties, leaning could also be categorized into three kinds like education: Formal instruction, ( formal leaning), non formal training ( non official leaning) and casual instruction ( casual understanding).

Now that these phrases had been considered and clearly elucidated a single can now comfortably keep an feeling no matter whether or not age is a barrier to training, however I will be indifferent to assist or oppose in a hast due to the fact as a pragmatist, I consider in stating issues the way they are but not the way they look like. Contemplating a formal leaning process which is an arranged way of learning in a four wall of an establishment, age could be a barrier. For instance, It is an very established human being that can enroll in a formal method of training at the age of forty. A forty many years previous individual is currently saddled with a ton of tasks which could represent a barrier to leaning in a official method at that age. At this age some of the barrier could be marriage, youngsters, funding, as very well as operate.

In accordance to Age Concern Northern Eire policy place paper, more mature people today need to have equality of opportunities to more their education and learning, create new abilities and abilities. That signifies there are some chances that more mature men and women intended to be uncovered to or share with the youthful kinds but are denied thanks to their age. Having said that, it is not sufficient to acknowledge that age is a barrier to discover, simply because official learning is just only one particular part of learning.

Due to the fact leaning contains Official, non official and informal understanding, studying could be seen as component of everyday living, an prevalence that normally takes area from cradle to grave. It means that a person commences to master as early as doable until finally death.

Contemplating that discovering is from cradle to demise, we have to get some illustration to prove the place. A baby find out how to cry, consume h2o and even suck breast appropriate from the really working day he/she is born. The kid continues to study like that until formal mastering age when the baby will be registered in a formal college program.

Age is not a barrier to discovering mainly because some persons that dropped out of faculty due to 1 reason or an additional normally sign up for general public assessment these types of as Normal Certification for Schooling (G. C. E.) even at forty and nevertheless go again to university for even further research. If age is a barrier to mastering, all those that remaining school in advance of 1970 in Nigeria would not have acknowledged how to use computer systems, because personal computers were not taught in Nigeria faculties before 1970.

Additional extra, some persons discover and purchase a single or two skills even at their late fifties. It could be sport, or any other pleasurable techniques.

In addition, Professor Pat Utomi claimed in a single of his media interview with AIT that a professor that did not attend up to two seminars per yearly is not qualified to stand and lecture in any classroom due to the fact what he will be supplying out to learners will be staled, out of date and toxic to the nation. According to him each individual lecturer, regardless of whether a professor or not ought to be sponsored to go to two or much more seminars each and every year possibly by the authorities or his or her employer. This connotes that even as a professor who might have been forty and above is nevertheless mandated to discover by the regulation of dynamism.

Who? Whether or not toddler or grownup, younger or aged that has not figured out 1 or two points now. A man dies proper from the quite minute he stops to discover. In the place of work we understand, in the religious residences, learning normally takes location, in the marketplace areas we discover, and even at property we master. Touring and tourism is also element of studying. How can age be a barrier to leaning when discovering never ever stops until eventually male dies?

In summary, you can agree with me soon after heading as a result of the details about age and understanding hitherto elucidated that no issue age may test to be a barrier to official technique of mastering, it is not ample to say age is a barrier to leaning. The only issue that is long term in lifestyle is transform, and it is only discovering that sustained alter in that position.