Color Healing Using Magenta Color

Color Healing Using Magenta Color

Darius Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome Therapy differed from the other color healing pioneers, such as Babbitt, by increasing the number of healing colors used. I have used his 12 colors for over 5 years and I have found them very useful.

One time I was experiencing a very fast heart rate and a pounding in my ears. I put the color magenta on the lamp and tonated myself on the chest with my shirt off. After about 15 minutes the pounding stopped and soon my hearbeat normalized.

At age 70 I sometimes eat too much salt which causes the pounding and rushing Then all I do is sit under the magenta color filter attached to the lamp and all is well.

Magenta is one of those colors that is a great emotional equalibrator. In the color scale it is directly opposite the physical equalibrator color green. It is a real deep color and you need to put the lights off to see where it is shining on your body. But just looking at this color brings peace and quiet.

Magenta combines the colors red and violet. It’s Roscolene filter numbers are 818, 828, and 866. It is the combination of three colors.

Attributes of the color Magenta:

The color Magenta is the emotional equalibrator and auric builder. It equalibrates the functional activity of the heart; the blood circulatory system; the kidneys and Adrenals; and the reproductive system.

Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome therapy calls upon higher laws to heal. The Human Engine differs from the automobile engine in a very important way. The automobile can not replace it’s worn out parts. Our human engine does so every day, very efficiently.

Color healing has been around a very long time, even as far back as ancient Egypt. Nature which is far older than ancient Egypt heals us with her wonderful colors. Especially the blue of the sky and the greens of the grass and trees.

There is something within Man which is much more than chemicals. Man is an energy being. Spectro-Chrome is the only one of the systems of healing which takes into consideration the higher life of man. If we go into the East we will find many healing techniques which use the finer energies of the chakra system to heal.

Thousands of years ago, people noticed the brilliant lights of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Brightness, or Lights), and in the southern latitudes the Aurora Australis (Southern Brightness.) They all wondered about it, but did not understand it. The rainbow, which is quite often seen in the sky was looked at, wondered over, but never studied or explained.

These marvelous arrays of color in the Heavens, were silent but a meaningful message of the Creator God. It is true that all is under law.

Dinshah deciphered the full message of the rainbow and one of the worlds finer healing techniques was discovered..

Sir Issac Newton,(17Th Century) gets credit for establishing the scientific Laws in regard to light and color. Only one soul of a kind is incarnated for work as a pioneer. Newton used a prism, a triangular piece of glass. When the white sunlight struck the prism, it produced the seven basic colors of the rainbow, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

The Pioneer Newton opened the door for the pioneer Babbitt who opened the door for Dinshah two centuries later. This is the synergy of great minds.

Many of the previous pioneers and researchers in the field of Light, were mainly interested in its physical phenomena. They paid little attention to the power, or effects of light in actual relation to the human organism and how it could heal.

The first man to be interested, prior to Dinshah and after Newton, was Dr. Edward Babbitt. In 18 78, he published his book “Principals of Light and Color.” This book of Babbitt’s, was denounced strongly by the Medical community. Dr. Babbitt died broken-hearted and broke.

Five years prior to the publication of Babbitt, Dinshah was born in Bombay, India. He was initiated into the Theosophy Society and availed himself of it’s well stocked library. He found Babbitt’s book on color there. This launched him into the life of scientific researcher in the healing sciences.
Babbit used seven clors to heal. Dinshah went to twelve colors. He added Magenta, opposite Green, Turquoise opposite Scarlet, and Lemon opposite Purple.

Dinshah came to New York in 1896 where he started his Spectro-chrome Therapy school.

Such was the wonderful healing technique of Dinshah’s Spectro-Chrome system, launched with greatr success. The only way you will know if this color healing technique works for you is to do what I did. Try it for yourself.