33 Resume Secrets of Successful Job Applicants

33 Resume Secrets of Successful Job Applicants

When applying for a job, remember this much – The purpose of a Resume is not just to grab the employer’s attention – it is to ensure that he picks up the phone and calls you for an interview.

Here is the list of 33 Secrets I have found in every successful applicant who has finally managed to clinch the first step of being called for an interview.

See which points have you inculcated and used in your Resume.

1) Ensure that an ongoing form of education, training and development is stated. That proves to the employer you are a person who wants to grow.

2) Make sure that your resume matches your personality but within the job requirements and the framework. Don’t oversell. Otherwise the honeymoon phase may get over faster than you think!

3) Let them always discover “Why they should select you” in every sentence!

4) Mention the best and most important bits at the top. Do not save the best for last.

5) Remember to state the something ‘extra’ in your Resume that would give you the edge over others.

6) Proof Read! This is something I am bad at! So that is why I give it to others to do so that I do not have mistakes on my Resume. PS – NEVER EVER EVER have mistakes on your Resume.

7) Name and save the document in an Intelligent Manner. Come on, show some creativity!

8) Make sure your Resume matches the existing trends in the market and yes, always keep your Resume updated!

9) Send your Resume as a PDF. Today almost every organization has a PDF Viewer. (In case they don’t, better don’t work there!)

10) Ensure every new fact or statement about you in the Resume are under Bullet Points. However, be Brief, Concise & Compact.

11) Avoid childish, unprofessional or unnecessary information. Stuff that is not required or doesn’t add any value to the employer while making the selection decision.

12) A word of caution. Be mentally prepared to know that anything you may have stated in a positive note, maybe taken in a negative manner. So look at each line, phrase and sentence, and yes, be ready to explain yourself to the Employer – however, in an unapologetic and persuasive manner!

13) Design & Content – Show that you have put some effort and thought into it. However, keep this much in mind – Content is King always!

14) Thumb Rule is simply this – Don’t reveal everything in detail. Leave bits to be discussed during the course of the interview.

15) Ensure creativity in your presentation.

16) Key Words related to your industry are very important. Use them.

17) When stating your achievements, make sure that they are measurable, quantifiable and yes, believable.

18) Keep in mind your Rebrand Strategy when presenting your Resume.

19) If there are things that can add value or compliment what you do – let the employer know!

20) In Design – Don’t Be Too Simple. Here the only thumb rule is – find out if it is an acceptable practice in the corporate environment of the country you are applying.

21) Always know what information to mention and what information to completely avoid.

22) Make the information easily readable – that not only includes the font selection and font size, it also includes the sentence construction.

23) Having a conversational language that is pleasing and natural.

24) With every point state an example. This would add a layer of credibility to your profile.

25) Remember – More is Boring

26) Never use clichés!

27) Thinking of doing your Resume by yourself? What happens if the guy applying for the same job chose a Professional to do his Resume? Then multiply that possibility with the next 10 guys – what then?

28) Start with enthusiasm and a level of authority and end with a positive sales close.

29) State the latest first always! Most of the old stuff – the potential employer may not necessarily read of pay attention to.

30) When applying for senior level jobs, do not highlight or enumerate the outdated positions. And yes, most importantly do not mention small-scale or short-term projects.

31) Ask yourself – would anyone reading the 1st 25% of my resume be excited to know more about me? If not – your resume needs to be reworked upon!

32) Would reading the 1st 50% of my resume – would result in the Interviewer wanting to call me for an interview? If not – your resume needs to be reworked upon!

33) Ensure that your Resume has these following traits…
1. Readability
2. Organization
3. Sell-ability
4. Relevance
5. Substance