8 Teaching Benefits of Audio Books

8 Teaching Benefits of Audio Books

There’s no denying the fact that most people hated reading as kids. Only a few kids enjoy reading, especially if there is an alternative.
Audio books have now made it possible for children to get better access to materials that they don’t like reading.
Of course they must still read, but reading any material and still hearing it makes the reading much more interesting.
Many schools have now taken audio books not just to the homes of their students but also in the classrooms.

Experts in the educational sector have agreed that audio books in the classrooms go a long way to help students more than normal books, especially those students who are just beginning to read or those who have difficulty in reading.

Below are 10 specific benefits of using audio books for students:

1. Using audio books to teach children in school gives them “variety”. Instead of just listening to their teacher, they benefit from the change that comes with “another” teacher.

2. There are specific audio books prepared with children in mind that are not only educative but very entertaining. These types of audio books make learning much more fun than normal teaching.

3. Using audio books to teach kids in school will give the teachers more time to prepare for the next lesson. The teachers can play the audio book for the children while doing something else.

4. For children with reading difficulties, they can slowly follow the readings from audio books until it feels comfortable to read.

Simply following an audio book to read along while looking at the printed material in front of them can increase their learning skills by a very high percentage.

5. Audio books save money. Instead of buying dozens of books for a classroom, just one audio book can be played for all the students in the classroom.

There are certain audio book rental services on the Internet, such as Jiggerbug.com that allows teachers to rent as many audio books as possible at very low cost. This is much more cost effective than having to buy even a single audio book.

6. Audio books that tell interesting stories are very helpful in times when the children have become too tired to read and study.

Most importantly, popular stories that children love, will be very interesting for them to listen to.

7. Children don’t particularly like printed books as much as they do audio books. It feels much more comfortable for them to “listen” to an audio book than “read” a book.

8. Audio books also have children deal with the pronunciation of certain words that they would have difficulty with when merely reading them. By hearing the pronunciation and seeing it printed, they would better grasp it.

All in all, most children find it a great deal of fun listening to a lesson on audio, rather than having to read it. That is why children spend a lot of time watching movies, rather than reading.

No wonder more schools are embracing the technology of audio books for teaching their children. And with services available freely on the Internet now, it is now more cost effective than ever.