Gaia, the Trickster and Paranormal Hotspots

Gaia, the Trickster and Paranormal Hotspots

As a follow up to the previous article, I decided that some of the material was too detailed to include in the initial Psychoterrestrials Theory posit. This material deserves to be looked at separately but not to be thought of as separate from my Psychoterrestrials Theory.

In the last two hours since posting, it has already been brought to my attention the regularity or irregularity as it were, of Paranormal Events or Experiences so I thought I would just go ahead and post the follow up article. Again, I make the disclaimer that this is not to be taken in the language of absolutes or conclusiveness as by doing so, I make unto myself a hypocrite and thus effectively rendering my theory moot.

Some may ask where is the consistency in Paranormal Activity? Why isn’t it always happening? Why can’t I see it or experience it? The answers, as best as I can give them, are theoretical and merely an observation but that is not to say that they are not valid.

Where is the consistency in Paranormal Activity?

Seek and ye shall find. Let’s look at this first question but let’s also re-ask it in a fashion that makes more sense. Where is Paranormal Activity consistent? The answer is two-fold I think. I would posit that for Paranormal Activity or Psychoterrestrial Phenomena to occur it must do so as an act of bi-location. It must be perceived firstly by the Human Subconscious Mind as well as be seen exteriorly to that. In the mindset of Singularity these two locations are one but in a Dualistic mindset which demands an “other than(myself)” type of thinking, there are two places or more of simultaneous occurrences.

I’m being very dodgy and careful not to imply too heavily the ideas of Eastern Mysticism or Spiritual Practice although I think the two will inevitably marry, if they are not already, with the Trickster Element and not just Eastern Mysticism but all Spiritual/Religious viewpoints. I would not find it at all surprising to realize that this arena is the primary playground of the Trickster Phenomenon and the conceptual birthplace of archetypes required to manifest Psychoterrestrial Events. The Human Subconscious Mind is perhaps like a reference library for Gaia Consciousness to access in terms of communicative presentation and this in turn leads us to psychological filtration and how we perceive experiences and events.

Why isn’t it always happening?

I could, with a certain amount of vagueness of course, argue that the Psychoterrestrial Phenomenon is never NOT occurring but again, this argument is relevant to perception and I also wish to avoid being accused of creating yet another “One size fits all” theory. Suffice it to say, I think in order for one to experience a Psychoterrestrial Event, one must first be actively seeking it and not necessarily at a conscious level and one must place oneself first in an area of known occurrences so that when events or experiences are more subtle, less frequent or are not in a known hotspot, they are recognized. It sounds innocuous and ambiguous but this is my best attempt. I will try to simplify this a bit. How’s this? A Seeking Mind is a Finding Mind. When one seeks, one already has a preconception or at least an archetype buried in their subconscious of what one expects to find. A Still Mind finds nothing. I think Gaia Consciousness is only too happy to comply by referencing your concepts and thusly presenting them to you in full manifest glory but.., with the Psychoterrestrial Event comes a surprise. A message. Some form of communication. You two are touching. Gaia Consciousness perhaps either heard or intercepted your search or call and if one is to be responsible enough to take on the search then one should also perhaps be responsible enough to make preparations in order to grock the experience one is perceiving! I think also that Gaia Consiousness may be the “Carrier Frequency” enabling some to exhibit telepathic capabilities. Don’t quote me on that but this is, after all a speculative posit which all theories have to be.

I won’t go into too much more on this aspect as it again, starts to sound very socio-religious and those types of things, because of their intimate nature, are maybe meant solely for the Experiencer to figure out.

So where are the areas of known occurrences? The Earth is riddled with them! Literally hundreds if not thousands of geographical sites on the planet are known for their consistent anomalous activity and perhaps some of them if not all of them are Psychoterrestrial in nature. There seems to be some documentation now of Psychoterrestrial Phenomena being interactive with The Human Subconscious and perhaps Conscious Mind. I seem to recall Colin Andrews recounting on an episode of Paratopia, experiments of certain groups of people that would draw out on a piece of paper a Crop Circle design and the group would collectively visualize this design occurring in the fields of Southern England. A few instances have shown this to be a repeatable event. Likewise, Investigator/Researcher Christopher O’Brien recounts an event in his book Secrets of the Mysterious Valley, that involved himself and several of his buddies in Upstate New York back in 1979. They were skywatching (ah ha, seeking!) on an athletic field on their school campus and Chris himself was the first to notice the anomalous, orange glowing balls of light that seemed to interact with thought and request by forming various shapes in the sky at their beckoning. Communication!

The most noted Hotspots of Psychoterrestrial Events seem to be places that have been held as sacred by the areas’ Indigenous/Aboriginal peoples for sometimes thousands of years. Places like Sedona, Arizona, Hudson River Valley, New York, the crop fields of Southern England/Silbury Hill/Stone Henge, Mount Shasta, California, Hessdalen, Norway and Mexico City, Mexico all seem to be Hotspots of Paranormal/Psychoterrestrial Activity. It’s almost as if all one has to do is but show up and perhaps one will experience something fantastic. It definitely seems like your chances are increased by going to these places.

Why can’t I see it or experience it?

This is my easiest, shortest and most annoyingly frustrating answer. I don’t know. I wished I did but I don’t. It sounds like a cop out answer but I assure you it isn’t.

I don’t think anybody can guarantee anyone an experience. I, myself, have had experiences in close proximity with others who witnessed nothing. My best guess is it has something to do with the Seeking Mind. I think maybe some don’t see because they simply don’t want to. However, I suspect that those that don’t want to see because of fear are more prone to experiencing something than those who are simply apathetic and don’t care one way or another. I don’t have a reason for that observation other than fear seems to be an attractant if not a catalyst for Psychoterrestrial Events. I am looking more into this as well but I am hesitant to expound on it anymore as it requires specifics and absolutes and well.., we already know how I feel about those…