Guide to Transferring Music From Your iPod to Your Computer

Guide to Transferring Music From Your iPod to Your Computer

Transferring songs from your iPod to your personal computer can be a bit confusing without the necessary awareness. In this piece I will be offering a shorter and uncomplicated step by stage tutorial that will support you accomplish the activity.

Move 1: Applying a USB cable, link your iPod to your laptop or computer. If you are utilizing a windows 8 operating technique, the ‘File Explorer’ dialog box pops up. If you you should not see the ‘file explorer’ pop up, then go to the ‘Start Menu’ and click ‘File Explorer’.

Phase 2: In the ‘File Explorer’ dialog box, check underneath ‘Devices with removable storage’ and click on the ‘iPod icon’.

You will see a monitor with a listing of folders. On that listing, verify for ‘iPod_control’ If it is not out there then

Step 3: Click on on ‘View’ at the top rated of the dialog box, then ‘Options’ (folder choices pop up demonstrates up), click on ‘view’ on it, run down the ‘advanced settings’ list and identify ‘Hidden documents, folders and drives’.

Phase 4: Click on the box next to ‘Show hidden information, folders and drives’, then click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

After this treatment the ‘ipod_control’ folder would be observed in the dialog box made up of the checklist of folders that had been stated earlier.

Stage 5: Correct click on on the ‘ipod_control’ folder and open up it this provides up a bunch of folders.

What we are anxious with is tunes, so operate by way of the list and track down ‘Music’.

Move 6: Double click on on ‘Music’ and a checklist of other folders shows up. Track down the folder that contains the tracks of your choice, by clicking on the unique folders you see e.g. ‘F06’, ‘F02’ etcetera

When you validate the folder made up of tracks you would like to transfer to your pc, correct simply click on it, scroll down the drop down and click on on ‘Copy’.

If you just want to copy the music to anywhere in your laptop or computer, then go to were you will like to retailer them, appropriate click and ‘Paste’.

If nevertheless, you want to retail store them on your iTunes, then

Move 7 Open up the ‘iTunes’ application on your pc, click on ‘Edit’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Advanced’, just take note of the default location have been iTunes stores files on your laptop.

Move 8: Go to ‘Start Menu’, click ‘File Explorer’, ‘Libraries’, ‘Music’, ‘My Music’, ‘iTunes’, ‘iTunes Media’ and on the ideal hand aspect of the webpage appropriate click on and ‘Paste’ the previously copied file (F06).

Move 9: Correct click on on the file you just pasted, go to ‘Properties’ on the fall down, a dialog box seems, uncheck the ‘Hidden’ tab in the characteristics portion of the dialog box, simply click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

Finally: Go again to ‘iTunes’ app, click on ‘File’, ‘Add folder to library’, ‘Music’, ‘My Music’, ‘iTunes’, ‘iTunes Media’, ‘F06’ and your music shows up on your iTunes.

This technique may perhaps not do the job for ‘iPod Touch’ there is one more way which would assist transfer audio from your ‘iPod Touch’ to your laptop. If not, it operates just wonderful. Go in advance and give it a consider.