How to Market Flavonoids – Persuasive Content Meets Bioavailability Research

How to Market Flavonoids – Persuasive Content Meets Bioavailability Research

THE Model Option

Beating minimal absorbability has been a challenge for lots of plant substances at minimum considering that the initially overall health-linked review involving quercetin appeared in 1948.

However, the ideal alternative – phytosome know-how – wasn’t introduced until eventually 1991.

It was initial produced as a cosmetic shipping and delivery program for quercetin, catechin, escin, and glycyrrhetinic acid. Now it can be applied greatly for producing oral supplements as nicely.

Use of the engineering has exploded given that the 1990s. Far more than 200 study posts about it are currently outlined on PubMed. And a in depth overview of phytosomes as modern delivery techniques for phytochemicals was just released in late 2021.

Utilizing phytosome technological know-how for formulating new quercetin-that contains nutritional supplements now potential customers the internet marketing achievements driving merchandise that contains this plant component.

Here’s how the design operates for quercetin.

The model applies to other botanical elements with low bioavailability, way too.


To start with, quercetin has been extensively studied. PubMed lists much more than 22,300 scientific content about this solitary ingredient. It is really the most perfectly-analyzed flavonoid in the plant kingdom, even outranking resveratrol and EGCG.

This databases presents excellent content for crafting persuasive articles about quercetin’s research-backed positive aspects.

In addition, due to the fact quercetin is challenging to take up, it provides a great case in point for educating individuals about the significance of bioavailability.

Second, the advantages of quercetin phytosomes have been properly-recognized scientifically.

Scientific studies now show how they enhance the effects of quercetin for several overall health apps. This is a rich and escalating body of operate. It provides a internet marketing bonanza for telling individuals about the science guiding quercetin phytosomes.


Why aim on quercetin, or flavonoids at all?

Of study course, the market place survey cited before is one particular motive.

However, I have to admit another rationale. Flavonoids are my favourite class of natural goods.

A single of my professors launched me to them in my first 12 months of graduate college. From that issue on, they grew to become my calling as I designed my professional knowledge in phytochemistry.

Now, numerous decades later, most of my exploration publications have focused on flavonoids. And the vast majority of my graduate students did exploration on them, way too.

I am gratified to see the most common flavonoid in the plant kingdom – quercetin – receiving the interest that it and its fellow flavonoids ought to have.

COMBINING Advertising Written content WITH Investigate

The most productive advertising and marketing articles mixes the right total of persuasive copy with support from scientific study.

It is really a two-headed process.

One ‘head’ relies on producing persuasive psychological appeals

The other presents research analyses people need for justifying their purchases.

Pushing warm buttons – i.e., well being positive aspects – drives the preliminary selection method.

Aim details then clinch the top wanted motion – i.e., to acquire.

The increasing variety of quercetin phytosome formulations attest to this method.

It is an perfect model for all tricky-to-take in phytonutrients.

HOW TO USE THE Marketing Product

The product is already in engage in by leading complement companies. Numerous phytonutrient phytosomes are previously on the market. In other phrases, there’s no require to reinvent the wheel.

On the lookout at leading examples details the way. The major developer of phytosome dispersal devices for phytonutrients is Indena S.p.A. ( Their quercetin item, Quercefit®, follows the product of establishing a perfectly-investigated all-natural merchandise into a bioavailability-boosting dispersal method.

Moreover, quite a few scientific studies revealed because 2016 present an outstanding marketing source for extolling the overall health positive aspects of quercetin phytosomes.

With that background, utilizing the Quercefit® design is a stepwise method entailing three phases.

1) Product Progress

Except if you have a refined chemistry investigate lab and a staff of synthetic chemists, the initial section starts with making contact with Indena.

Without a doubt, it really is best to start off there anyway, due to the fact Indena has mental house security for its phytosome technological innovation.

Besides, they are super great people. As I was producing this posting, they presented me with all of their revealed investigate methods and gave me some good pointers for outlining the benefit of phytonutrient phytosomes. This included wellbeing gains as properly as marketing views.

2) EMULATING Results

Indena has designed numerous phytosome goods. This means health supplement suppliers are presently on board with incorporating just one or far more of the ten phytonutrient items they’ve formulated so much.

The success of this kind of products and solutions as Jigsaw Health’s ‘Pureway-C Additionally with Lysine and Quercefit’ and Dr. Mark Hyman’s ‘HistaQuel’ are value emulating for Quercefit®-made up of goods.

In fact, they set the stage for developing on the marketing and advertising success of all 9 of their other phytosome products as properly.

Similarly important, it is the framework for developing additional phytonutrient phytosomes for producing an even wider array of new product formulations.

3) Developing Internet marketing Material

This is in which the rubber meets the road with regards to the title of this posting. It can be where persuasive content material fulfills bioavailability exploration.

Persuasive material means developing a need in the consumer’s eyes for a item.

If marketing had been like a rocket, this is the booster phase for driving emotions towards purchasing actions.

Citing bioavailability exploration then cinches the consumer’s have to have to objectively justify the obtain primarily based on points. It’s the advertising and marketing phase for putting profits into orbit.

Material features product descriptions, adverts, landing pages, site content articles, push releases, interactive social media posts, and substantially more.

The crucial to producing it all get the job done commences with persuasive marketing duplicate.


Persuasion fuels all profitable advertising endeavors. Income of the very best items increase with the high-quality of persuasive duplicate.

Combining persuasion with science is the gold regular of health supplement internet marketing.

That’s what a copywriter-scientist like me can do.

It rests on combining the capabilities of an qualified author with those people of a exploration scientist.

I understand the jargon of scientific research and can translate it into advertising and marketing content that drives supplement revenue.