Learn Spanish Wedding Vows Online and Enjoy the Ceremony

Learn Spanish Wedding Vows Online and Enjoy the Ceremony

You have been invited to a Hispanic friend’s wedding. You will enjoy the ceremony much more if you can understand what is being said at the crucial moment when the couple shares vows. Why not learn a short Spanish version of the vows now, and be ready for that special day?

You can find all sorts of websites helping people prepare for Spanish weddings. Whether it be clothing, gifts, invitations, cards, or even wedding language, it is available. When you use these online resources to immerse yourself in Spanish customs as you learn Spanish, your learning process will improve dramatically. Starting by preparing for a friend’s special day is a lovely way to acknowledge the importance of the day by understanding it better.

Here are typical vows in Spanish to start you off on the right path:

Yo, (groom’s or bride’s name), te tomo a ti (groom’s or bride’s name), como mi esposa/esposo. Amart y respetarte todos los dias de mi vida.

I, (groom’s or bride’s name), take you (groom’s or bride’s name), to be my wife/husband.
To love and respect every day of my life.

Mi esposa = my wife
Mi esposo = my husband
Todos los dias = all the days, every day
De mi vida = of my life

These few simple Spanish words will help you to hear the key points as you listen to the ceremony. And, you will understand as the bride and groom introduce each other for the first time as husband and wife. If these are not the version of vows that are familiar to you, there are many other versions available online.

If you are already married yourself, you can even use the words for my wife and my husband to introduce yourselves at any other social gathering, so the effort you spend for the wedding celebration day will also be well spent for other days to come.

Social events such as weddings are some of the best times to prepare for and practice your Spanish language skills. The festive occasion lends itself to good will, and that feeling of friendship will help you to feel more comfortable as you try out your Spanish conversational ability. And certainly, native Spanish speakers will appreciate the extra effort you have shown to personalize your communication and understanding of their special day.

As an added tender touch, you may wish to purchase a wedding gift which includes a card in Spanish, signed with a Spanish greeting of well wishes for the new couple, and sign and date it, so that they can include it in their wedding memory book. If you are at a loss for words, there are online sites for greetings also.
Your Spanish learning will come to life with these thoughtful gestures.