Object Lesson – How Do You “Spend” Your Time?

Object Lesson – How Do You “Spend” Your Time?

This is an object lesson you can use to train little ones the importance of paying out time with God each individual working day. To perform the lesson, you’ll will need $168.00 in participate in funds. (A lot of greenback stores carry participate in money.) The proposed Scripture verse to use is Psalm 90:12, but there are many other people if you want to lookup a bit.

This is a suggested dialogue. Truly feel free to alter it in accordance to the youngsters you minister to.

I have right here $168.00 in play income. It just so comes about that there are 168 several hours in every 7 days, so each individual greenback will signify a single hour. How do you “invest” your time? (Rely the payments as you go by means of the pursuing possibilities.)

Let’s say you get about 8 hours of rest each individual evening. Multiply 8 hrs periods 7 times and you get 56 hrs. Let us established apart $56 from our stack.

Upcoming comes faculty. Let’s say that averages out to 7 hrs for each working day. That’ll equivalent one more 35 hours taken out of your week. We’ll set apart $35 for that.

Everybody demands to eat, so we have got to make it possible for time for that. Let’s say you eat 3 meals a working day and normal 20 minutes per meal. That equals an hour a working day or 7 hours for the week. I am going to set aside 7 extra dollars.

Homework? Most evenings you most likely have homework to do. Let us say it averages 5 hrs for every week you can find an additional $5.

Seeing Tv set. A lot of individuals do far more, but let’s say you watch 2 hours of Tv each 7 days working day and added hours on the weekend. That’ll include one more 20 several hours, so we are going to set aside a further $20.

Actively playing, together with movie video games. As soon as you begin playing, particularly a video clip sport, it is tricky to halt. Let’s say you regular 2 several hours for every working day on movie video games. That equals one more 14 hours so I am going to set apart another $14. That only leaves us with $31 bucks not a full lot for a week.

Squandering time is also very straightforward to do. Let us say that you waste 1 hour a day which will increase another 7 hrs so I am going to established aside a different $7. Now we are down to $24.

Time on the personal computer together with Facebook, web, e mail, and so on. Even if it can be only 30 minutes a working day, that equals one more a few and a fifty percent hrs. Let’s round that to 4 and set apart one more $4.

How about sporting activities things to do? If you might be on a athletics crew or in band or refrain, you have to observe. Let’s say that adds a further hour every week day furthermore a handful of hours on the weekend. That adds a further $8. Now we’re remaining with $12 for the 7 days.

The issue is, out of all that time you’ve got “used,” how considerably of it is put in with God or even contemplating about God? God can be a section of the items above, but you have to acknowledge and recognize that he is there whilst you do individuals things. But let’s look at this from a distinctive viewpoint.

What are some items you can do to “expend” time with God? (Allow the young children give some ideas. Figure up the sum of “dollars” each individual week they can symbolize and depend out the charges.)

– Study the Bible (15 minutes a day = $1.00)

– Pray (15 minutes a day = $1.00)

– Go to Church and Sunday Faculty ($2.00 – $4.00 relying on the number of solutions attended.)

– Memorize verses from the Bible (15 minutes a working day = $1.00)

– Increase other individuals as the youngsters consider of them.

Feel of how you spend your time. Are you spending your time wisely? God suggests in Psalm 90:12 that it is important to selection your days. That usually means you require to use your time correctly and take time to draw in close proximity to to him. As you do, he claims to attract in the vicinity of to you.

If you uncover you happen to be performing a little something that is a waste of time, look at supplying it up and paying that time with God as a substitute. For example, is paying time with God extra significant than viewing Tv? If you give up just one 30-minute Television set system and spend that time with God as an alternative, it will give you a very little above two hrs ($2) each week and would be time properly invested.

Will you make a alternative this week to invest time with God every single working day?