Scientific Ways to Study Smart

Scientific Ways to Study Smart

For most students there will be too many assignments to complete, tests to study for and projects to work on. There will be other commitments and activities as well.

To lead a balanced life and at the same time get good grades it is necessary to study smart.

Here are some scientific ways to get you started.

1. You could do the following to learn a specific topic

Read the textbook and class notes, search the topic online, and teach someone what you have learned. In one sitting you won’t be able to do all these things. Use a different resource or method each time you review the topic.

2. Learn the same information in different ways

Different parts of the brain are stimulated by different ways. You will understand your study topics easily if more areas of the brain are activated, according to research.

3. Rather than focusing on just one or two subjects study multiple subjects each day

This is also a scientifically proven fact. It’s better to study a bit of each subject every day rather than focussing on one subject and going deep into it. This will help you to study faster. This is because if you study a lot of the same subject in one day you’re likely to confuse similar information. Spread out your study time for each subject.

4. Instead of cramming review the information periodically

To move information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory periodic review is essential.

Here is how you should space your reviews:

Do the first review the next day after learning the new information. Three days later do the next review. A week later do the third review. After three weeks do the forth review. One month later the fifth review.

5. Sit at the front of the class

Grab a seat at the front if it is possible to choose where you can sit during class. Those who sit in the front row usually get good marks, which is a proven fact. The back benchers get the lowest marks. The seating position has a lot of importance in scoring good grades. This is the reason why less motivated students chose the back bench and more motivated students chose the front bench. Your concentration will be more if you sit at the front.

6. Don’t multitask

You will be less productive if you multitask. Focus on just one thing. So while you study don’t try to watch TV or check you FB.

Follow these tips to improve you focus:

· Keep away your phone

· Turn off internet access

· Log out of all instant messaging programmes

· Clear your study area

7. Summarize, shorten, and condense the information

Whenever possible use mnemonic devices to study smart. In addition, the information can be summarized into a diagram, comparison table, or mind map.

8. Instead of using your laptop take notes by hand

When you use your laptop there will be online distractions. Take notes by hand. The information will be reframed and processed better by doing so. While using a laptop you tend to write down word by word without processing the information. Students who take down notes by hand perform better in exams.

9. Test yourself frequently

If you want to improve your academic performance self-testing is crucial. Don’t read your class notes or textbooks just passively. To study smart quiz yourself and do as many practice questions as possible from different sources.