The Fight to Pay For College – Grants Vs Scholarships

The Fight to Pay For College – Grants Vs Scholarships

It’s that time of the year where every student gets a well-deserved break from the 7 hours, 5-days a week routine. If that didn’t at all make any sense, its summer and school is out. And for those who are fresh out of High School, let me applaud you on your huge achievement. It took some of you 12 years, longer for some people but now that you’ve made it here I’m sure a majority of you are scoping out a higher education.

For those of you who are heading down that path, now comes the next step of figuring out how to pay for your education. You have a multitude of different methods but some are considered better then others. One of those I’ll ultimately rule out right now is student loans. Simply because student loans require re-payment. But why re-pay when there are 2 other methods of receiving money for your education and both do NOT require paying back.

On the Same Page with Grants and Scholarships

Both are equally fair and don’t require you to pay anything back.

One way these two compare is that both have requirements. The standard of maintaining a leveled GPA is one requirement needed in terms of a scholarship. But this shouldn’t be looked at as a downfall if your serious about your education. I’d say look at managing a well-maintained GPA as a challenge to keep you focused.

Just like scholarships, college grants also have requirements as well. Grants are what some call free money, but you must meet certain requirements in order to obtain these. Financial status, physical status and many other factors are brought into play when it comes to deciding whether your qualified for a grant. So before applying for a grant, make sure you understand the terms and conditions to each grant.

Based off the research I’ve done for the writing of this article and the few bits of information I’ve soaked up, I think its safe to say that scholarships are a bit more easier to obtain then are grants. Now that is not saying that grants are obsolete when it comes to trying to obtain one.

Quick Look at Grants and Scholarships

I understand many who are reading this want a quick overview of how grants and scholarships compare and don’t compare so here is a quick re-cap.

    How These 2 Compare:

  • Both have requirements and standards in order to obtain money
  • Both are provided by private AND public parties
  • Both only disburse a MAXIMUM amount per semester. This is based off a Careers-And-Education blog I read
  • Both require filling out an application
  • Both DON’T require you to pay back money
    How These 2 DON’T Compare:

  • Scholarships require you to maintain a GPA level
  • Grants require you to meet certain requirements in order to obtain one
  • Scholarships are easier to obtain compared to grants

1, 2, 3 Step to Finding Scholarships and Grants

There are thousands of ways to locate scholarships and grants. Not to mention, the amount of grant money and scholarship money out there is very high. We’re talking in the 5-figure numbers. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but there really are countless numbers of grants and scholarships to help you pay for college.

As I usually close out all of my articles, it only takes a small amount of research to find a mountain amount of information.