Leadership, Self-Development, and the “Committment to Growth”

Leadership, Self-Development, and the “Committment to Growth”

There is a widespread phrase that claims: “You can not train an aged pet dog new methods.” I know that most of us have heard it. The dilemma is that we all way too often just take it, and other so-called “regular wisdom” as real truth.

Browse that phrase again: “You are not able to educate an old puppy new tips.”

What is conjured up in your brain – what do you feel of – when you ponder those phrases?

If you’re like most, you believe that, for regardless of what rationale, that right after a specific age, you can not study something new. That, after a selected point, an ‘old dog’ cannot do everything about who they are or what they are ready to do to transform the study course of their life and it’s direction, amount of pleasure or ability to make the final results that they would like to see.

The old puppy in the phrase isn’t going to have to be ‘old’ in the feeling of decades though. I have satisfied a lot of people quite a few many years my junior, who feel that simply because they have done so quite a few things a specific way, that, for them at least, any other way is out of the question.

And therein lies the theme for this posting. For, it is the perception in so-termed ‘truths’ like this one particular that most generally helps prevent usually highly effective people – persons crammed with the possible for greatness – to split as a result of to the happiness and achievement they find.

Despite the fact that, there are lots of that add to your general progress, we are going to be concentrating on the success trait of ‘commitment.’ The dictionary describes determination as a ‘duty,’ ‘promise,’ ‘responsibility,’ or ‘pledge.’ And, every single of these important text can be applied to focus our intention on breaking cost-free of these self and outwardly imposed limiting beliefs to unleash our individual power to be what we select. Being familiar with with clarity and concentration will enable us to established up our life in a way that risk can not touch us, and if it did it would be dealt with . . . speedily and decisively.

Let us seem at each and every of these ‘keys’ to commitment, as they relate to the principle of Warriorship and our desire to have interaction the planet in a favourable, productive, way in purchase to much better have an understanding of why we have to grab the prospect (or as a fantastic poet reminded us to “seize the day!”) for development whenever achievable.


Related to the notion of leadership, each individual just one of is a role product in the lifestyle of at least one other man or woman. Irrespective of irrespective of whether you are a mother or father or not, an individual is on the lookout at how you transfer, act, communicate and the like. And, they are deciding for by themselves about these steps. If they like what they see, even if you would call anything a poor routine, they could embrace that ‘habit’ as a real truth to be lived up to. They want to be “just like you.” If we are genuinely involved about the fate of others and our influence around their life in a positive way, it is our obligation to be the most effective ‘example’ that we can be. We will not have to basically be a teacher, or have a work whose formal title suggests “chief,” but, we are an case in point that some others are next. The issue we need to inquire ourselves is, “how do I get management of the way I encourage or inspire other individuals?”


This critical can be observed to be a reflection of the h2o realm of clarity and reality and the wind realm of accomplishment by way of action. When we make a promise, we converse one thing, in the variety of a reality that many others can depend on. Significantly like the dedication that two men and women make to each and every other when they get married, a promise is the creation of one thing that results in protection and safety for one more. And, it is the outward, ‘other’ concentrate that make a assure an vital aspect of commitment and our skill to get needed support from some others when we need to have it. The problem listed here is, “what advantage will other folks (and myself) get if I realize success in my endeavor?”


This essential has to do with our liability or approved obligation for viewing that some thing is performed. This is the reverse of the “it is not my career” perspective typically listened to and lived by the lazy character. In buy for us to commit to a little something, we have to see and take our individual obligation for building it so. In point, to get this even additional, we should see take finish legal responsibility for the failure of some thing not occurring. The assertion that, “if it can be to be it is up to me” potential customers me on. The question, “what it does it say about me, when I get obligation for my daily life and steps?”
Pledge – Associated to the fire realm of relationship and expression, a pledge is a vow and a signifies of partaking with a intention or cause. A lot further in meaning and being familiar with than a promise – just as the ‘pledge of allegiance’ is a far more potent title than the ‘promise of allegiance’ – this key arrives from the coronary heart. We truly feel so strongly about the requirement for the purpose to be attained that there is no doubt, no hesitation, no panic of failure. We are so fully fully commited that the pledge sounds much more like a statement of ‘of program it will happen’ than a want to someway look in the earth as if by magic. Feeling sparks the query, “what can make this objective so critical that it must be achieved?”

Although the four keys can be found to be synonyms of each other and, for many, indistinguishable from each and every other, the subtle variances in context can necessarily mean all the big difference in remaining dedicated to a little something and basically stating that we are dedicated.

So, how about you? How fully commited are you to those matters you say are crucial. How considerably do you your definitely want to change your life – to build benefits that can reward both of those your self and other folks – to produce the lifetime you have often dreamed of residing? How vital is your Ninja Martial Arts education and your properly studying the competencies of Mastery?

Declaring or thinking that you’re the ‘old dog’ in the phrase we talked about before just claims that you understand how confined you’ve come to be in your personal recurring designs. But, it can be by no means also late to begin producing new behavior and achievements designs. In fact, the world relies upon on you might be taking motion – and now! Since, if there is 1 point the planet does require is a single additional genuinely profitable person – just one a lot more vivid gentle – a single more truthful, respectful, engaged person who does specifically what they say they will do due to the fact they realize their purpose and is eager adequate, no brave sufficient, to break from the these who will settle for mediocrity.

Here’s the method: If you transform, you will develop. But to grow, you need to be fully commited to act – to do accurately what must be finished to make the planet, if only your small corner of it, a better place in which to live.